Saturday, 4 February 2012



I love to feed people. Whether it is a simple meal for two or a dinner party for 8, nothing compares to the moment when your guests take their first taste of your food and the compliments begin to flow.

In order to get to that moment, it is generally necessary to cook.

“I can’t cook!” I hear you say. Wrong. Anybody can. OK, it isn’t ideal to tackle a four course dinner party for the in-laws as a first attempt, but you can do a very simple two courses easily by following the simple steps I will give you. We’ll do that later.

Keep cooking; keep it basic until you are confident with the simple stuff and ready to take your skills to the next level. I’ll give you a series of simple meals you can prepare, along with lots of hints, tips and information about food.

Most of my recipes will be for four people, most recipes are. Cooking for two is very difficult, so make friends with your freezer. However, some of my early basic meal ideas are for two people – just to get you going.

Cooking is all about confidence and patience. And it is definitely worth the investment of time. You are giving yourself and your time to the people you care about – in this busy world, what better gift than time?

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